Due to continuous and careful designing, testing and product development, Muovi-Set Finland Ltd has managed to launch a magnificient structuring roller selection which is the most comprehensive in the market and in which each type of structure is guaranteed to be among the best you can get. Our secret for the high-quality products are hard work by professional ski experts, test skiers and engineers - you won't regret your purchase no matter what rollers you choose to buy. We co-operate with various national teams and professional skiers in our product development.

When choosing an appropriate structure it is good to keep in mind that the rollers made for skating can be used for classic skiing as well but NOT vice versa!

If you have a special structure in mind you'd like to test and which doesn't belong to our existing selection, give us the details and we can manufacture it for you! When manufacturing a roller on request, the minimum order is ten rollers.

View the structure models table for 2013!

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The features of the available structures in English.

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