Speedy SSR

Speedy SSR

Speedy SSR is the low cost version of Speedy Ski Roller which was designed to function in a wide range of weather conditions. When designing it we placed great emphasis on it being easy to use and as affordable as possible.

New design

Based on the feedback we received and test results we got about Speedy Ski Roller, we chose one structure model to ensure the best result in a variety of weather conditions. Speedy SSR uses this same roller to produce the structure at all times, the rollers cannot be changed like you can do with the original Speedy Ski Roller.

Even easier than before

An active, non-professional skier appreciates the easiness with which the structure can be made using Speedy SSR. As one roller can be used for all weather conditions, the structuring no longer requires such thorough knowledge of various different rollers or time-consuming testing between different types of rollers.

Professionals and people who are more advanced in structuring prefer the possibility to work on various details, which is enabled by Speedy SSR's ability to be used by pushing it to both directions.

Quality and results

Low prices don't mean poor results! Tests have proved that Speedy SSR is of great quality, and top results can be achieved by it, especially on coarse snow. You can mix the structures of Speedy SSR and Speedy Ski Roller to achieve a virtually endless variety of structures. Good results have been achieved especially when mixing Speedy SSR's structure with Speedy Ski Rollers W-75-24 structure.

In professional use the best results can be achieved at the temperature range of -2...++'C, on wet and coarse snow. An active hobbyist can make use of it in a variety of conditions.

You can buy Speedy SSR here!

SSR's simple users manual:

ssr_ohjeet.pdf (990kt)

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