Speedy Ski Roller

 - Speedy Ski Roller is a structuring device for nordic skies that lowers the friction between the ski and snow, thereby enhancing the glide of the ski.

- Easy to use, as good for professionals as for ordinary fitness skiers

- The device is made of the best available materials, and is of high quality. Therefore we offer it a 3-year guarantee.

- Browse our site to find out more, and shop in our Webshop!


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New products for the season!

U-200 and Z46


 U-200 new kind of linear structure. It's rounder and lower compared to traditional S-rollers. It gives you the benefits of S-series also in colder conditions. U-200 is mostly used combined with other rollers. To get best benefits of U-200 in minus degrees snow has to be quite humid or coarse. U-200 has quite wide temperature range: +2...-10.



Are you frustrated to poke snow off from the bottom of your ski boots? Then SNOFF is for you. It is a cover for ski boots' bottom which blocks snow to stuck to the bottom of boot, prevents plastic's wearing and also increases boot's grip on slippery surfaces. SNOFF is available in our online store!

SP-18 and Line 17

Speedy is getting ready for coming Olympic season with two new rollers. SP-18 is designed for conditions snow is glazed and moist. Line17 is designed for fine and cold snow.

N5 and Z2-80


N5 and Z2-80 are Speedy's new rollers for coming season. Both rollers are 0,5mm and designed for around zero celsius degrees and for wet snow.


Speedy Klister Stick 2.0

Speedy Klister Stick 2.0 is desinged based on feedback that we got from previous version. Stronger stucture makes it more stable and more effective. Now you can also remove glide waxes from groove with back end of Klister Stick 2.0. Klister Stick 2.0 is designed in co-operation with X-Country Ski Team Finland and now you have a chance to order this professional tool from our webshop!


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Our new product Speedy Grip Wax Cover is finally here!

Speedy Grip Wax Cover is designed to protect grip zone from dust coming from brushing glide waxes. There is no need to worry about grip waxes getting dirty anymore and you can finish glide zone safely. Speedy Grip Wax Cover is easy and fast to attach and take off from grip zone and you don’t have waste time struggling with tapes.

Speedy Grip Wax cover is designed in collaboration with Finnish Cross-country Kkiing Team’s service group. Now you have change to profit from this high-end product!

Order Speedy Grip Wax Cover from our webshop!



 We proudly present our new rollers for season 2015-2016!



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Line13 is newcomer for K-series. It is the finest roller in K-series that is designed for cold and dry snow. 


N3 represents our latest N-series which is designed with national teams. Last winter N-series managed to reach its first World-Cup victory! N-series has totally new kind of design. Compared to traditional twig rollers N3 has wider shape at the edges. That kind of design suits perfectly for classic skiing. N3 is at its best in small minus degrees and coarse snow.


You can find new rollers from our webshop



Speedy Powder Roller


After long development progress we can finally introduce you totally new kind of innovation Speedy Powder Roller. Powder Roller is solution to all waxers' problem with powder waxes. Speedy Powder Roller is designed to spread powder waxes smootly, effortlessly and fast. There is no need to struggle with clumpy powder anymore!

Here is a link where you can see Speedy Powder Roller in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4lLESzVVE0 

Order Speedy Powder Roller from our webstore now: 


 PH-22, ZIH-26 and ZIH-27

 New products for season 2014-2015 are here!





PH 22 is a completely new kind of structure where pig will be drawn in the middle of ski and in the edges of the ski there will be drawn linear structure. PH22 has been good in mixed snow small minus temrepatures (-2...-5). The testing is still in progress and better recommendation will be published later.


ZIH-26 and ZIH-27


ZIH-26 ZIH-27

ZIH-26 and ZIH-27 are newcomers for our Special-H series. These fine twig rollers both work in quite similar circumstances. Minus degrees (-2...-10) and quite coarse snow (have worked in man-made snow too).

Speedy Black rollers are here to stay!


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Thanks to great feedback that got last season we decided to replace couple of rollers with special covered black rollers. Now we manufacture Z1N-36 Z2N-33 H-30-18 H-100-24 W-75-24 and Z1D only as a black roller.







Line 2 is a newness to the K-Series. It’s the most finest spiral structure which makes it suitable for small minus degrees. We have also gotten good experiences with Line 2 in warm and wet conditions.


New Rollers designed for the Sochi Olympics


We've been working on new rollers for the upcoming Sochi Olympics and we are ready to start selling two of them, ZF-27 and ZF-36, already now. The rollers have been designed for dry snow with the conditions of the Olympic games in mind. There is still a lot of testing to be done with these rollers and therefore more information on what kind of snow types etc. are most favorable for these roller will be provided later. Order here and try them out!



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